Can I Still Work and File for Disability?

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Yes, you can. However, the Social Security Administration has a limit on the amount of money that you can earn each month. For 2023, this amount is $1470 (see,amount%20for%202023%20is%20%241470. For updates on SGA).

It is important to keep in mind that the Social Security Administration will not only consider work that you did in the past, but also other types of work that exist in the national economy that you could possibly do. So, if you are working doing a job that is equivalent to or slightly less than what you were doing before, this doesn’t exactly help your claim for disability. For example:

  • If you are filing for disability because of back problems and allege that you cannot stand for long periods of time and cannot lift or carry more than 10 pounds on occasion, but you are working with a landscaping company cutting grass, raking leaves, weed-eating, etc.
  • If you are filing for disability because of neck pain radiating into your arms with hand/finger numbness and tingling, but you are working in an office setting typing, handling files, and writing.
  • If you are performing the same job you did before filing for disability and have made no adjustments to your work.


In conclusion, while you can work while filing for disability benefits (as long as you work below SGA) it is definitely not something that we recommend doing as it complicates your case.

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